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The One Show categories vary by Discipline. Use the links below to view the different Discipline categories, entry fees, and submission media options.

NOTE: The exact same piece may only be entered into a maximum of three (3) different categories per discipline (excluding craft and innovation categories).

Brand-Side / In-House

Brand-Side / In-House recognizes work produced by a brand's internal creative team that focuses on the advertising and marketing of their product or service.
NOTE: External partners including agencies and production companies may have been part of the campaign execution, but the creative idea must have originated from the brand.
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Branded Entertainment

Branded Entertainment recognizes the merging of advertising and entertainment content. It includes work that is built around a brand and goes beyond traditional product placement or sponsorship, adding to the experience of the viewer.
NOTE: Traditional commercial spots should be entered in the Film discipline.
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Creative Effectiveness

Creative Effectiveness recognizes work that produced measurable impact in meeting business objectives and was integral to achieving a brand's purpose.
NOTE: Work entered in this discipline must be published or aired between January 1, 2021 – March 3, 2023.
NOTE: Work can only be entered into one (1) of these three (3) categories: Creative Effectiveness, Single Region/Market, or Multi-Region/Market. If entering the Brand Partnerships category, the work may be entered into one (1) additional CE category.
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Creative Use of Data

Creative Use of Data recognizes work in which the gathering, interpretation, and/or display of data is integral in defining or communicating the brand's message.
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Cultural Driver

Cultural Driver recognizes influential ideas and executions that had a huge impact in their respective cultures and environments, created new trends, or transformed culture. In addition to the quality of the idea and execution, work in this discipline will be judged through the lens of the specific culture it impacted.
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Design recognizes the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.
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Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing recognizes communications to a clear target group, with a call to action, and defined results.
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Experiential & Immersive

Experiential & Immersive recognizes temporary or permanent brand experiences utilizing physical and/or digital environments to connect people to a brand.
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Film & Video

Film & Video recognizes advertising in the form of commercial spots that aired on television, in cinemas, or online.
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Gaming recognizes interactive experiences that use gameplay to entertain, inform, and create community. It includes work that is built around a brand that engages the user and adds to the gaming experience.
NOTE: No special equipment will be used for judging. The required submission media must showcase the game.
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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness recognizes communications created to educate, promote and/or assist in a person or animal's health and well-being.
NOTE: Campaigns for regulated products should be entered into the Pharma discipline.
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Integrated recognizes creative concepts and messaging unified across multi-channel campaigns.
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Interactive, Online & Mobile

Interactive, Online & Mobile recognizes advertising communicated through digital channels including websites, mobile applications, and other digital media.
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Interactive & Mobile Craft

Interactive & Mobile Craft recognizes the specialized skills demonstrated in online, mobile, and other digital channels.
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IP & Product Design

IP & Product Design recognizes new digital or physical products by a brand as part of integrated advertising and communications campaigns.
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Moving Image Craft & Production

Moving Image Craft & Production recognizes the specialized skills demonstrated in the creation and production of branded content videos and commercial spots.
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Music & Sound Craft

Music & Sound Craft recognizes the specialized skills demonstrated in the production or execution of original, licensed, and adapted music as well as sound in videos, commercial spots, or other work utilizing audio as a key component of its creative.
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Out of Home

Out of Home recognizes advertising in public spaces, delivered via physical or digital mediums.
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Pharma recognizes communications created for products or services that diagnose, treat, prevent, or advocate for medical conditions.
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Print & Promotional

Print & Promotional recognizes advertising communicated through printed publications and other physical collateral.
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Public Relations

Public Relations recognizes campaigns, programs and tactics that actively engage consumers/audiences and demonstrate the highest levels of strategic planning, creativity and business results. It focuses on building and preserving the trust and understanding between brands or organizations and their public/audiences.
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Radio & Audio

Radio & Audio recognizes advertising in the form of audio-based content such as broadcast or online commercial spots and podcasts.
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Social Media

Social Media recognizes work that leverages the power of social platforms to communicate a brand's message and interact with its targeted audience.
NOTE: Work should have been created specifically for distribution on social media channels.
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