Brand-Side / In-House

Work produced by a brand's internal creative team that focuses on the advertising and marketing of their product or service.
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ELIGIBILITY: January 1, 2021 - March 4, 2022

INFORMATION: Project information is required on all entries. A detailed project description (300 words or less) is not required, but is highly recommended.

MEDIA: Each category accepts specific media types. Media can be attached to your entry after your category is selected.

  • Judging Media: The primary material and content that the jury will be judging.
  • Supporting Media: Secondary material and content that the jury may review at their discretion.
  • Reference Media: These images will be used for reference but will not be judged.

Brand-Side / In-House
Brand-Side Initiated & Originated Projects

BS_01: Brand-Side Initiated & Originated Projects
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A single (1) or series (2-10) of brand ideas concepted, created, and executed by a brand-side agency. The idea needs to have been driven from the brand-side creative team.
NOTE: External partners including agencies and production companies may have been part of the campaign execution, but the creative idea must have originated from the brand.
Brand-Side / In-House

BS_02: Intra-preneurship
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A single (1) or series (2-10) of entrepreneurial ideas within a brand-side agency, creating or redefining brand products and creating new streams of revenue.
Brand-Side / In-House
Brand World Creation

BS_03: Brand World Creation
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A system (2-10) of touchpoints that establish a consistent, comprehensive, and impactful experience of the brand's personality across business units, consumer groups, and channels.
Brand-Side / In-House
Customer Experience (CX)

BS_04: Customer Experience (CX)
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A system (2-10) of touchpoints that define the overall perception of a brand, based on the users' interactions with it. Includes physical and digital presence as well as brand voice and tone applied to customer service channels.
Brand-Side / In-House
Social Impact

BS_05: Social Impact
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A single (1) or series (2-10) of brand ideas that creates a significant, positive change by addressing a pressing social challenge.
Brand-Side / In-House
Content Series

BS_06: Content Series
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A series (2-5) of related content videos around a key product or service where each piece can stand on its own, but is made stronger by being part of the series.
Brand-Side / In-House
Brand Partnerships

BS_07: Brand Partnerships
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

Two or more brands partnering together to build brand equity for each and/or to reach a unique audience.
NOTE: Entries must include all brand names involved in the work.
NOTE: All brands involved should also be listed under the full credits.
Brand-Side / In-House
Brand-Side / External Agency Collaboration

BS_08: Brand-Side / External Agency Collaboration
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A single (1) or series (2-10) of work created in collaboration by a brand-side and external agency.
NOTE: Entries must include a written explanation which outlines what the brand-side agency and external agency each specifically contributed to the collaboration.
Brand-Side / In-House
Cultural Transformation

BS_09: Cultural Transformation
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A single (1) or series (2-10) of communications used to transform internal brand cultures to position creativity as a core strategic value.
Brand-Side / In-House
Brand Franchise Creation

BS_10: Brand Franchise Creation
Final Deadline Fee: $750.00

A multi-year program originated by a brand's internal creative team which demonstrates ongoing brand-building and business growth.
NOTE: Entries should focus on the most recent three (3) years of the franchise program.


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